Munroe Island

Munroe Island

Munroe Island is a beautiful piece of land formed by a cluster of eight tiny islands in Kollam District of Kerela. This scenic island is surrounded by Kallada River and Ashtamudi Lake and offers the stunning views of the lush green coconut plantation, which is a common sight in Kerela. Many people from nearby towns and cities visit this serene spot to spend leisure time in the warmth of the Mother Nature. While a few of them capture the lovely surroundings of the place, many simply relish the tempting delegacies of Kerela, prepared using coconut oil, and served at authentic restaurants in Munroe Island.


This beautiful island is located 27 km from Kollam and is named after Colonel Munroe, the British Resident of erstwhile Travancore State. Colonel Munroe was responsible for integrating several backwater regions by digging canals, using stone age tools and megaliths. This island shelter a quaint little village, which provides a true life of Kerela. One can experience a country craft cruise through Munroe Island and see the typical backwater island villages, shrouded in abundant


  • Our guide is a local.person have lived here in this tranquil part of Kerala all my life, and the past 12 years he have taken hundreds of people to see the splendour of the Backwaters of Munroe Island.
  • He will guide you round around beautiful island, from the lakes to the backwaters and the narrow canals, our punt will take you into places that larger vessels can not manage,
  • We will show you our plants,trees,fruits,birds,and wildlife.
  • You may even see a reptile,or get to taste an exotic spice,
  • This could be a highlight of your holiday that you will remember forever.
  • Munroe Island is located 27km by road from Kollam Beach,approx 45 mins by taxi.
  • From Varkala beach it is 53km, approx 1hr.15 mins by taxi.
  • The tour through the beautiful and serene backwater canals takes about 3 hours,

  • We have a morning and an afternoon tour,
  • The morning tour departs between 9-10 am
  • The afternoon tour departs at 3pm.
  • We do have a certain amount of flexibility on the tours and try to cater to your wishes
  • We operate 4 Punt type wide body canoes here on Munroe Island, Each boat Max 6 passengers
  • Longer tours can be arranged
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