Island retreat , Kakkathuruthu

Island retreat , Kakkathuruthu

In a world that moves at a breakneck speed, there’s a little island where time stands absolutely still. Surrounded by Kerala’s Lake Vembanad, Island Retreat is a 4-cottage boutique private island resort. The only way to get here is by traditional rowboats. And when you're here, all you've got to do is give in to the moment. RTake your pick of experiences – from toddy tapping to star gazing to canoe rides.

National Geographic Traveler’s Best 24 Hours on Earth This year we made it to the cover page of National Geographic Traveler as one among their #Best 24 Hours on Earth, winning their prime-hour of 6:00 PM. Our 6:00 PM boat ride was their favorite time of day. Here is an excerpt: “Sunset in Kerala, India, is greeted by a series of rituals. Here on Kakkathuruthu, a tiny island in Kerala’s tangled backwaters, chil- dren leap into shallow pools. Women in saris head home in skiffs. Fisherman light lamps and cast nests into the lagoon. Bats swoon across the horizon snapping up moths. Shadows lengthen, the sky shifts from pale blue to sapphire, and the emerald fringed “island of crows” - the Malayalam name for this sandy spot along the Mala- bar Coast - embraces night. If dawn is awakening and daytime is il- lumination, then twilight is transcendence, a final burst of vitality before darkness falls.”

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Prices are in INR and are inclusive of breakfast and taxes.
  • 2. Chef, host, daily housekeeping services, 30-minute canoe ride, 30-minute village walk,
  • internet, drinking water, welcome drink, tea/coffee/milk/sugar are included.
  • 3. Lunch and dinner on request at additional cost. Half Board (MAP) - costs INR 850 per
  • person / Full Board (AP) - costs INR 1,700 per person.
  • 4. Extra beds costs an additional INR 2,000 (per person per night, including breakfast, 5
  • years old and above).
  • 5. Check-in from 1pm and Check-out by 11am.
  • 6. Reservations are confirmed on 'first paid first served basis', and rooms will not be
  • blocked until 25% deposit or Voucher is received.
  • 7. Balance payment required 30 days prior to arrival (non refundable unless we can re-sell
  • the room).
  • 8. In the event of a 'no show' or premature departure, the full extent of the stay will be
  • charged, as originally booked and confirmed.
  • 9. We recommend guests have travel insurance for cancellation and accident / medical
  • costs.
  • 10. We reserve the right to change our tariff and terms at any time.


The best way to experience our property is to put away all gadgetry, lock your watch up, and take a stroll into another era. You can walk across the island, stopping to say hello to the islanders. For those who love their me-time, we suggest a canoe ride on the Lake. But if you truly want to live the local life, join a farmer in his fields, the fisherman on the lake, the toddy tapper up the tree or the womenfolk in their local festivals. From yoga to Ayurveda, day trips to nearby Fort Kochi to midnight stargazing, the possibilities are endless.So much for a place with nothing to do! Here is a selection of our on the Island activities:

Canoe ride

Canoe through vast, quiet backwaters around the island of Kakkathuruthu and enjoy the sounds of birds while sailing past paddy fields, coconut farms and small villages in a tradi- tional country boat. Take in the rare ambiance of a vanishing rural world and see local fishermen cast their nets. Cost: Offered complimentary as part of overnight stay.

Village walk

Take a stroll through the village. Meet local villagers and learn toddy tapping (subject to availability), paddy cultivation and shrimp farming. Have tea with villagers at the local tea- shop. Watch local kids play football. Cost: Offered complimentary as part of overnight stay.


Wake up to the sounds of birds and spend the morning learning health restoring asanas (poses) with a yoga guru


Meet our meditation teacher for an individually tailored meditation lesson to bring you to your most harmonious state of mind. Learn simple steps, start meditating now.


Enjoy a private hands-on Kalari Payattu (Kerala’s martial-art) lesson. Kalari is the world’s only surviving form of the most ancient tradition of self-defense. It is characterized by a combina- tion of fluid grace and power. Learn easy self-defense techniques from our famed Kalari master.


Rejuvenate your body and mind with a traditional rare-herbs Ayurvedic massage in the pri- vacy of your bath garden. Share India’s age-old secret to health and beauty!

Cooking Lesson

Found your new favorite dish Learn the recipe in a private, hands-on cooking les- son with our in-house, homemaker turned chef Naina and surprise your friends back home with your culinary skills in this authentic Kerala item. Curious about the traditional Kerala lunch comprising of dishes of varied tastes and colors, all served on a fresh banana leaf? Just ask us how to make it. Or want to replicate our specials like the coconut pumpkin soup, tender coconut ice cream, or tapioca and fish curry? Sure thing!

Star gazing / Moonlight boat rides

For the adventurous traveler, make friends with local fisherman and set off on a mid-night expedition of the vast backwaters. Understand why moonlit skies are the best time to fish. Learn to cast fishing nets like a pro.

Temple visit

In the evening, take a guided tour to nearby temples and witness local traditions. Visit the only temple on the island where Devi (Goddess Kali) watches over the island and its people. Step off the island to visit the Lord Krishna temple.This Krishna temple on mainland is be- lieved to cure children of ailments or disabilities. Watch this rare tradition on Sunday morn- ings, when hundreds of children are bathed in the temple pond.

Live performances

At Island retreat ,we bring authentic Kerala experiences to you. While you soak in the village life away from the urban chaos, we bring to you some cultural exchanges in the form of per- formances.

You can take your pick from our selection of Kathakali (an elaborate dance drama form that literally means “story play” or “playing out a story”), to harvest songs sung by the women- folk of the island, to Kol kali- a folk dance performed by children of the village where per- formers move in a circle, striking small sticks and keeping rhythm with special steps.

NOTE: Rates are based on a minimum of 02 persons and the rate is net payable
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