A true reflection of natural beauty of Kerala is the backwaters here and it is highly unique and attractive and enjoying it from one of our houseboats is really a sublime experience for anyone. The backwaters are the blend of saline and fresh water and hence a unique from of ecosystem exists here and the deck of Kerala houseboats is the perfect place to enjoy it from a close distance. luxury houseboat Kerala is your best option to enjoy the natural beauty of Alleppey, popularly known as ‘Venice of the East’. Boathouse in Alleppey makes a lasting impression in the minds of travelers as it provides clear vision and memorable experience of lakes and lagoons over here. Houseboats cruise is the best opportunity to experience natural beauty blended with traditional as well as modern luxury at surprisingly cheap rates.

The unique ecosystem, maritime climate and a good number of beautiful and pristine beaches support the existence of variety of flora, fish and other aquatic animals. A direct experience of all these exclusive features from Alleppey houseboats is a dream come true experience for all who visit here. We are sure that your experience of the same from our Kerala houseboats will make a lasting impression in your mind that will make you come back more often. Boathouse Kerala is favorite tour destination for both domestic and international tourists. Boathouse Alleppey is the modern forms of ‘Kettuvallams’ that existed in olden times.

Not on the map houseboats are cheap and affordable. Generally, there is one, two or three bed room houseboats in Kerala available in segments like heritage houseboats, luxury houseboats, deluxe houseboats, premium houseboats and honeymoon houseboats. Hence, individuals, families, groups of friends, co-workers or two or three families together from a locality can book boathouse Kerala at their convenient time and enjoy the supreme beauty of nature. Boathouse is equipped with all the facilities to entertain you to the fullest. We have included traditional as well as modern dishes in our menu and our highly experienced and professional cooks can prepare you delicious dishes that provide you lip-smacking experience that you will relish for a long time. Every houseboat is loaded with facilities like fishing, music and many more to entertain you.


This is a small post from my small Experience in Houseboat and travel industry in Alleppy

Each boat have different rates depending on the quality of the boat and its services.Dont judge a boat just by seeing its beautiful pictures and outside view. If the boat is beautiful and if the service is bad thats the end of the story . . Many people then ask whats the difference in service .I will explain whats is the difference

It's good to have a good idea about the houseboat industry

It's good to have a good idea about the houseboat industry

DAY CRUISE from morning 11:30-5:30 pm with welcome drink ,lunch with keraka traditional meals,chicken curry and fish fry ,evening tea and snacks


DAY NIGHT CRUISE From 11:30-11:45 am to 9 am next day If not optiong for luxury boat AC will be provided only from 8 pm to 7 am with welcome drink ,lunch , evening tea snacks,dinner and morning breakfast

Those who are planning to spend a night in allpey i would recommend to opt for day night cruise because tge prive diffrence between DAY & DAY NIGHT CRUISE is very less .If option for day night you can save money that you spend on a hotel room additional to that you will get a night dinner as well as a breakfast


The most important thing about the cruise ... most of the house boats are starting from the Punnamada lake to the Vembanad Lake ... Some operators goes in very slowspeed and they save time and fuel .. There will be a 1 hour lunch break and crusie will stop by 5 pm. When you bargain a lot then the boat operators have tricks in thier pocket too. If there is a good cruise boat, then go from Punnamada lake to vembanad lake and proceed from there to Venakukadu towards Ranitha Chittara Marthandam.

Venkatapadu is a place where there is no roadbacess still .It is the only place in Kuttanad where still there is not even 2 wheeler acess . It's a great place to see. From there there is point where 3 rivers meet.From there will proced to Neeumudi - west chennangiri-kaineri-there back to punnamada.


More specifically about the food

A good service operator will provide atlest 200-gm of chicken meat for dinner if opting of day night cruise .. Well cleaned Pearl spot fish of atlest 150 grams . (KARIMEEN) for lunch along with traditional kerala meals. .. When yiu keep bargaining and the service provider will be compromising on the less quatity of meat .Even the vegetables used the the qualuty differs. From allpey market good service provide will buy fresh vegetables and others who give it for cheap price will get 2 days old vegetables for cheaper price.Good service provider will use daily fresh oil to cook others use oil which is used multiple times.The guest when bargain a lot and some bad operators dont have any moral responsibility to the guest

Houseboat food menu

  • Welcome - juice. (Lemon) or cocounutLunch - Rice, sambar, Aviyal, Thoran, Mezhukuperatty,Curd, pappad,pickle,Green salad ( Non veg -fish)
  • Evening - Tea, Coffee, snacks ( Banana fry/ biscuits )
  • Dinner - chapati , White rice, dal fry, Rasam, curd , Mezhukupuratty, pappad, pickle,salad, ( Non veg- chicken)
  • Breakfast - Idly , Dosa and sambar,chutney or Bread ,omlet cut fruits ,tea/coffe
  • Oil - Sunflower oil
  • Rice - Kerala rice
  • (Mineral water totally inclusive on this package)


    Then the behavior of the staff will really make the difference how you enjoy your cruise .There are Permanent Staff as well as temporary staff who works un hhousw oat industry ... A person who works permanently in a boat has its own responsibilities and has to be payed them accordingly ... Then there are temporary staff who need to be payed much lesser wages ,they became temporay because of their bad behavior so they loose jobs often and keep working for short time in different boats. Not all temporary staff are bad people some works temporarily because of the situation in thier houses .

    Depending on the supply & demand and ,the season ,the quality of boat there will be huge difference in the price.

    Hope this information was useful if you feel useful do share with your friends. We cannot guarantee the cheapest rate but can guarantee best service at decent rate.

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