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Greetings one and all, I don’t want to write an epic about me! But i do have a story to tell you – the genesis of this initiative. Technically speaking, I used to work as a stock broker with a group of professionals working with large and respected organizations. I used to help them conduct many tours and workshops. It is no co-incidence that all the places we did our workshops at used to be exceptionally beautiful and unexplored, as I always selected places which were remote and devoid of these training facilities. At the same time let me confess, I am a passionate traveller – we travel for travel and thus everything we did had some elements of travel in it either by default or by design! While i always used to take some of our friends to some of these beautiful unexplored places for travel, I never wrote any blog or things like that.

One fine day, some of my friends told me – “you love travel and know so many unexplored beautiful places which are not even on the map, why don’t you give it a shape of some kind of formal venture. This way you can live your passion and help others as well who want to experience these places”. We created a unique travel initiative hand-crafting the most authentic, exclusive and original travel experiences . We touch the soul and make a lasting impression on your mind. The places i take you are a collection of some of the most amazing, unexplored and beautiful places. We know the places, we love traveling, we have been to all of these places and we want to help you experience the same.

In today’s era of commercial homestay, guest houses and over charged Hotels, our stays are authentic, genuine and allows you to Experence the local people and culture.

We don't sell packages we sell you Experiences

We don't believe in package tour concept ,all our tours will be coustmized according to guest wish .We want guest to enjoy the freedom of picking his destination rater than we imposed on them We will give you experiences the shapes one’s life. NotOnthrMap tries to give a experience where no matter how remote you are, you will always feel like a part of family.Because in the end, experiences are all that matter.

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We understands that moving large or small groups around an unfamiliar city can be difficult. That is why we focus on advanced planning, experienced drivers, and top quality vehicles of all sizes.

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Renting a car is such a common part of the travel experience. Need to rent a car for your vacation or business travels? We are always on call to help you solve your large group transportation needs


We offer our guests a cozy homely atmosphere. We assures each one of our guests the best great holiday comforts in the region without puncturing their wallet.

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